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    5 Ways to do performance tuning in SQL

    Posted October 25, 2018

    SQL performing tools and techniques for the optimum performance of your database. Gone are the days when the data were stored in hard copies of files, now almost all the organizations use databases to store different data related to their operations. This has made databases very important for the operations of any organization, thereby performance

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    Database Optimization: An insight

    Posted October 21, 2018

    Data is the basic unit of any information transaction today. This includes everything present on the internet and off it. Large organizations have seen an exponential growth in their data network. This has increased the load on database systems. But, how to these database system cope up with the load? Optimization is the key to the

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    Optimizing the process of MySQL Performance Tuning

    Posted October 11, 2018

    Released 23 years ago in 1995, MySQL, is still among the most popular relational database management systems. An open-source RDBMS, it uses Structured Query Language. And with the increasing amount of data, database management systems are a must-have for any organization. Now, as these databases expand, the data affects the processing speed negatively. To prevent

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    Tips to optimize your Database Performance tuning

    Posted October 9, 2018

      Data, as we all know is expanding exponentially by the second. Managing the data is more important than ever. Management includes setting up an efficient process to work with the data while assuring security. Relational databases are the modern-day answer to all your data management queries. But, database management systems sometimes need to undergo

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    SQL Performance Tuning

    Posted October 1, 2018

    Data forms the backbone of any business. Irrespective of the type of the organization, there is always data that needs to be stored, manipulated, retrieved and displayed. Data can be stored in file systems, or a special software called as a database, whose sole purpose of existence is to organize and store data. Once data

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