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    How to improve database performance in SQL Server?

    Posted November 26, 2018

    With the businesses gearing up to online platforms such as websites and apps rather than being operational from brick and mortar offices, there has been a rising requirement for software infrastructures such as Databases. Database marks an essential part of all the online products and services, and that is why having a high performing database

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    Top 5 challenges for 2019 in database optimization

    Posted November 15, 2018

    Database Optimization Challenges Big Data is the next big thing and with the advent of such a vast amount of data, database management has seen an exponential rise. This means more technological advances and thus, the need for better database optimization.   To tackle the data and increase efficiency, database administrators are constantly being asked

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    My SQL Database Tutorial: Views and Joins

    Posted November 12, 2018

    Introduction In this MySQL database tutorial, we will learn more about Views and how to perform joins efficiently. Database View Database Views are essentially SQL (Structured Query Language) query with an associated name. Views can frequently be used in the queries by selecting the desired rows or the columns of a table. They can instantly

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    SQL vs NoSQL: The Pros and Cons

    Posted November 5, 2018

    Big data is a word which is very common in the modern day with every industry giving it a lot of importance. It is simply because of this exponential increase in data that every organization is paying attention to data management. It is for this reason that debates often get heated when it comes to

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