Fully Managed Databases vs On-Premise Databases: A Decision Making Guide For [2021]

Managed Database optimizDBA

Database management is a constant process with ever-increasing scope for learning and implementing. Performance tuning a database is science but when we take into consideration the discussion of managed databases v/s on-premise databases, it becomes more than just metrics and numbers, it becomes a series of incidents driven to achieve maximum throughput.  And for this … Read more

An Expert DBA’s Guide On Crucial DB Optimization Tasks (2021)

DB Optimization - OptimizDBA

Optimization to a database is like a heart to the body. Just like the body needs constant pumping of the blood, the database needs constant DB optimization. This is done to ensure optimized performance even if the data load increases over time. As the amount of data, load, and operations increase, the processes tend to … Read more

3 Simple Techniques to Get Started With Database Optimization


Getting into database optimization as a beginner can be overwhelming. We understand that. There are so many aspects to the optimization processes that database administrators carry out like: explore, design, implement and validate scenarios. It’s normal to feel intimidated by it. We have almost two decades of experience working with databases and tuning them and … Read more

Top Database Management Software Used by Expert DBAs

Software Used by Expert DBAs

Database management has been standardized over the years. Both database providers and third-party developers are building powerful DBMS software. DBAs use the software to monitor the database, fetch data, perform user management, execute operations, and more. Usually, we use specific tools depending on the databases. In this article, we will explore the top tools used … Read more

How to Personalize Database Optimization Processes in 2020


Enterprise databases are often built using popular database software like MySQL, Oracle DB, Percona DB, etc. Though they seem similar, there are vast differences in terms of their function and their goals. Legacy approaches that have been applied across databases in the same way are moving out of trend. As of 2020, we are witnessing … Read more

Know the new updates in MySQL 8.0

Source: Wikipedia Database landscape has witnessed a lot of evolution since its inception making it better by the day. There has been a massive change in terms of scale and efficiency which the databases provide now as compared to the earlier days. With every new version that hits the market, there are many changes which … Read more