Have you felt that it is risky to give access to your production database to DBAs?

Have you felt that it is risky to give access to your production database to DBAs while performing database optimization?

Many of the organizations that we work with have shared this concern with us. It is true that providing access to the database can expose the company to data leaks, data corruption or worse, misuse of data. However, We have a unique solution that will address all your concerns.

We at OptimizDBA have come up with a unique non-intrusive way for database optimization, performance tuning, and recommendations.

Your databases will remain secure, and without any access to the data, our expert DBAs will help you improve the database performance.

Here is how we do it
As a first step, we will work with you gather information about your business and the databases that your application uses.

We will then use non-intrusive scripts to gather data from the server like the server statistics, database schema design, and query information.

Based on the statistics and the database server Operating system, we will recommend tools that gather deeper statistical measures. Without access to the database itself, we would have collected all the details we need to suggest changes and improvements to your enterprise database.

We will deliver the assessment documentation with all our findings and suggestions that will boost the performance of your DB and save costs.

Why Popular Brands Choose OptimizDBA

Manager, Systems Engineering and Delivery Engineering & Operations
"I hired OptimizDBA to look over our existing MySQL deployments. Our deployment had some major performance issues. OptimizDBA came in and within the first 2 hours had a pointed out a major problem and had a list of recommendations to correct our MySQL performance issues."
OptimizDBA Services
With our unique non-intrusive and secure approach, we provide two primary services for businesses like you.

  • Database Optimization as a service
  • Query Optimization as a service
We provide this service to you without access to a production database.

Data required from you

When we work with you, we need some data that we can process to find out potential issues, resolve bottlenecks and suggest cost-saving measures. None of this data requires access to the production database.

Here are some examples of what you can expect us to ask you while collecting data.

Data for Database Optimization Service
  • Hosting provider for the database
  • Server computational resources like RAM, CPUs, and more
  • Operations that consume time
  • Slow performing queries
Query Optimization as a Service
  • Structures of all the tables used in the database
  • Query Explain results
  • Query output size results
  • Recommendations

The OptimizDBA Advantage

Your success is our success. With our unique approach, you will have the peace of mind on the security and integrity of your data.

We will work with you to get the information we need without access to your production database. Our transparent method of working will allow you to track progress and results.

All you will have to do is select a time bank, and in that time frame, we can work on an unlimited number of database and query optimization. That is the OptimizDBA Advantage that you will not find anywhere else.

How can we help you?

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