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3 Simple Techniques to Get Started With Database Optimization
Getting into database optimization as a beginner can be overwhelming. We understand that. There are so many aspects to the optimization processes that database administrators carry out like: explore, design, implement and validate scenarios. It’s normal to feel intimidated by it. We have almost two decades of experience working with databases and tuning them and … Read more
The importance of MongoDB Sharding in Web Applications
In 2017, Google Research came out with a game-changing metric. From their research on websites on mobile devices, they found that websites that took three or more seconds to load saw a dip of thirty-three percent users on average. Page load time of five seconds and more took away as much as ninety percent of … Read more
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Top Cloud Database Software to consider in 2021
As time passes we see more functionalities of an application move towards the cloud. This has been the case for databases too. The top Cloud service providers like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and more have invested heavily in releasing multiple managed cloud database software over the years. This year is not going to be any … Read more
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Database Performance Tuning Tutorial – DB Statistics
Database performance tuning entails a plethora of tasks and processes that ensure the optimal functioning of the DB. Identifying design flaws, improving query performance, monitoring hardware usage is some of the tasks DBAs and DB developers undertake during the tuning process. This tutorial is part of the series where I cover the breadth of database … Read more
How to work with SQL Query Execution Plan for top databases
Database optimization processes involve a series of smaller tasks that are improved to give better performance. One such job is the SQL Query Tuning. It consists of finding and enhancing slow queries, analyzing query performance, setting indexing strategies to meet the query’s needs, and more. DBAs further breakdown query tuning into multiple sub-tasks like the … Read more
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MariaDB vs MySQL: Is MariaDB the same as MySQL?
MySQL database was released in 1995, and today, it’s one of the most widely used databases by small companies and enterprises alike. MariaDB, on the other hand, is a fork of MySQL. A small group of developers decided to add more features and capabilities to the MySQL database, which MariaDB is all about. When it … Read more
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Top Database Optimization Tips from an Expert DBA
Database Optimization is a necessary process for any enterprise application. It’s an ongoing process throughout the life cycle of an application. Optimization aims to keep database performance at an optimum level as data, load, and operations increase. From reviewing indexing strategies to changing SQL queries to changing the database structure itself come under the umbrella … Read more
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Top Emerging Trends in Database Management System
The database management system is an integral part of any enterprise software application. It has been so for decades. Over time, newer technologies have pushed the boundaries on what these systems can do. For example, retrieval of hundreds of thousands of records in a fraction of a second was not possible earlier. Concepts such as … Read more
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Top Database Management Software Used by Expert DBAs
Database management has been standardized over the years. Both database providers and third-party developers are building powerful DBMS software. DBAs use the software to monitor the database, fetch data, perform user management, execute operations, and more. Usually, we use specific tools depending on the databases. In this article, we will explore the top tools used … Read more
How to Personalize Database Optimization Processes in 2020
Enterprise databases are often built using popular database software like MySQL, Oracle DB, Percona DB, etc. Though they seem similar, there are vast differences in terms of their function and their goals. Legacy approaches that have been applied across databases in the same way are moving out of trend. As of 2020, we are witnessing … Read more
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Under the Hood: The Brilliance of Query Optimization in DBMS
As a database administrator, one of the key things I look at is the database design. Over the past two decades, I have seen the DBMS evolve.  Evolution in performance is obvious, but more so, the efficiency in content retrieval is spectacular. Query Optimization in DBMS is something that happens under the hood unknown to … Read more
Know the new updates in MySQL 8.0
Source: Wikipedia Database landscape has witnessed a lot of evolution since its inception making it better by the day. There has been a massive change in terms of scale and efficiency which the databases provide now as compared to the earlier days. With every new version that hits the market, there are many changes which … Read more