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Since 2001 as professional Database Consultants and Database Optimization Experts

Harnessing cutting-edge technology and vast experience to provide the best optimization services every single time.Hello. Welcome to OptimizDBA.

We are a small team of dedicated Database Administrators (DBAs) with around two decades of experience. We have worked with hundreds of clients from small organizations to fortune 500 companies to help them with database optimization.

Canada is our headquarters, but our primary region of operation is in the US. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, and through quantifiable results, you will be able to track the success of improving your database performance.

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What People Say

“We hired OptimizDBA to train our personnel and to evaluate the existing design and make any recommendations for improvement. They are very competent, reliable and work well in a team environment. They are trustworthy and their recommendations were invaluable. It’s easy to work with OptimizDBA, who have an impeccable work ethic.”

Stella Budrean, Manager at Radio-Canada Inc.

“I hired OptimizDBA to look over our existing MySQL deployments. Our deployment had some major performance issues. They came in and within the first 2 hours had a pointed our major problem and had a list of recommendations to correct our MySQL performance issues. OptimizDBA works well with my team and is completely willing to do knowledge transfer while fixing issues. They were always available and completely trustworthy. I will be recommending OptimizDBA to anyone that needs MySQL performance improvements. Thank you very much OptimizDBA!.”

Chris, Manager Systems Engineering and Delivery Engineering & Operations at Cogeco Communications