SQL Server Extended Events vs SQL Azure Query Performance Insights: For SQL Performance Tuning

Globalization and digitization of the enterprises have undoubtedly connected the world on the online platforms. This has also evolved the database landscape from being recorded in physical records to being uploaded on the databases, which are shared on the cloud.

Enterprises depend a lot on their databases for seamless operations. This has brought in the need for high performing databases and the diligent database professionals to maintain them. For smooth functioning, without any slowdowns, Database optimization is practiced regularly to resolve the possible issues even before they occur.

SQL databases are the most widely used databases for the structured data across the enterprises globally. These databases require regular SQL Performance Tuning, where the health of the database servers and the query optimization takes place to ensure a high performing SQL database.

Along with the optimization techniques, there are few tools such as SQL Server Extended Events and SQL Azure Query Performance Insights which are used for SQL Performance Tuning. Let us see what these tools are, how they aid in the SQL Performance Tuning and draw a comparison on how they operate.

SQL Server Extended Events

To ensure that the database server is in good health, SQL Server Extended Events tool is used. This tool is compatible with SQL Server and SQL Azure Database and enables you to get the information required for troubleshooting at the required scale.

It is a good tool to track the activity of the compilations and know the possible areas of slowdowns.  SQL Server Extended Events enable the user to monitor the activities of the SQL database in a session wise manner and get a detailed report to understand the performance lags.

Once the areas of slowdowns are identified, DBAs work on them to optimize them for the SQL performance tuning of the database. The best part about the SQL Server Extended Events tool is that it is a lightweight performance monitoring system which enables the user with two GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces).

SQL Server Extended Events tool

Source: Microsoft Docs

With this tool you can create, modify, display and analyze the data of the required session, helping you to get a detailed insight by analysis. SQL Server Extended Events is a good tool for SQL performance tuning given the features it provides to monitor the server health.

SQL Azure Query Performance Insights

Another tool which is used for SQL Performance Tuning is the SQL Azure Query Performance Insights. It is compatible with SQL Azure only. It provides the user with details of database resource consumption, letting you know the in-depth insights such as CPU, duration and execution count, query and its resource utilization.

SQL Azure Query Performance Insights is a tool which not only provides basic performance monitoring for SQL Azure but also lets you understand the query workload. This helps you in SQL Performance Tuning of your database.

SQL Performance Tuning

Source: Microsoft Docs

Substantial query performance information such as Data IO, Log IO, and CPU usage, lets you know the queries that require optimization for better Azure SQL performance.

The Comparison

SQL Azure Query Performance Insights has much more to offer in terms of query analytics as compared to the SQL Server Extended Events, which offers events wise compilation performance statistics.

Still, SQL Azure Query Performance Insights is limited to SQL Azure and is not meant for other SQL databases. At the same time, SQL Server Extended Events is not only lightweight but also supports SQL Server along with SQL Azure Database.

Either of them has their own pros and cons but it is important to state that both of them are beneficial in SQL Performance Tuning. It is more likely up to a diligent DBA to understand the requirement of the enterprise and choose the SQL Performance Tuning tool accordingly to the behest of the SQL database performance.

Having an expert database professional, understands the business requirement and chooses the tools wisely to ensure a high performing database.

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