MySQL database has brought a revolution with them in the field of enterprise data. By enabling the enterprises to efficiently store and access data, with the MySQL database, things have evolved for good since the data keeping went digital. With the evolution in the database landscape, there has been a lot which has come up in order to keep the RDBMS high performing.

This evolution has not just been limited to the databases but has also improved the way data has been represented. An evident form of it is data visualization and tools which could visualize the data in a database.

Popular among these are the MySQL visualization tools, which have brought clarity with visual analysis. These MySQL visualization tools have made it easier for the authorities to implement changes whenever necessary to the behest of business requirements. Using tools like these MySQL DBA have been able to align the data in accordance with the business, optimizing overall performance.

Optimizdba performance optimization

Before we discuss the various MySQL visualization tools available, let us first understand what MySQL data visualization is and why is it important.

What is Data Visualization?

Data Visualization is a process in which the data is depicted in the form of visual forms such as charts, graphs, figures, and bars. This is used to deliver visual reporting of the data based on the parameters such as performance, operations etc. to the user, in order to aid the business.

Why is Data Visualization important?

Data Visualization plays an important role in fast-tracking the operations by providing data analytics in the visual forms for a quick go-through. This improves the operational decision making, due to ease of analysis saving lots of time and money.

MySQL Data Visualization Tools

Here are a few MySQL Data Visualization Tools which are used by the MySQL DBA for data analytics in order to boost the overall performance:

  • Tableau

Tableau is a widely used data visualization tool which has been very much compatible with the RDBMS. It is synonymous to Business Intelligence, helping the enterprises in data mining and analysis. Tableau helps MySQL DBA to diligently analyze the database operational performance in real time. With an array of different visualization figures, Tableau is a versatile MySQL Data Visualization Tool.  

  • Chartio

Chartio enables the MySQL DBA with SQL and interactive query modes which could be leveraged for advanced data analytics. Helping its users with quick access, data visualization, Chartio offers an intuitive interactive interface to aid with insights for analytics.

  • MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench offers an integrated visual tool helping the MySQL DBAs with visual data comprehension, aiding in improving the database performance with analytics. With its backup and recovery, MySQL Workbench helps the MySQL DBA to access history and make quick backups.  

It assists the DBAs with the audit reports and data logs to understand the performance lags and work on them to optimize database performance.

  • Mode

Mode helps with exploring and visualizing the MySQL Database with its quick and powerful insights. It ensures analytical consistency throughout making it reliable. It is fast to access and visualize data with Mode MySQL visualization tool. You can easily look at the data visualizations and build reports and insights to ensure a better performance.

  • Ubiq

Using SQL query, Ubiq user can easily get the data visualization and MySQL data reporting in real time. This is very helpful especially for the MySQL DBA to enhance the RDBMS performance with advanced data analytics.

Ubiq supports local, remote and cloud data, thereby providing more data access to the user. It has features such as filters and functions which can help in getting improved analytics helping MySQL DBA in performance tuning of the database.

The way beyond

Using the MySQL Data Visualization tools prove helpful to the MySQL DBAs in getting the data insights and analytics in the visual form. While the tools could be used in fetching resources for analysis, it still largely depends on the DBA themselves, the way in which they would be able to use these tools for maximum benefit.

Having a diligent DBA could be very beneficial for the enterprise, as they can ensure a high performing database, resulting in a good performance. OptimizDBA is the destination if you are on a lookout for a proactive Database optimization service for your enterprise.

Optimizdba database optimization

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